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Aberdare Cables High Voltage Cable Manufacturing Facility Launch

The long-awaited entry of a competitor into the SA high voltage cable market is happening! This strategic move in capital investment by the company will enhance its current cable portfolio of low and medium voltage cables, conductors and speciality cables and is expected to ensure sustainability and increase the company's market presence in the long run.

Aberdare will open its HV cable offering to initially supply the traditionally accepted (SA) Corrugated Seamless Aluminium sheathed cable and also plan to add alternative designs and improvements to its portfolio.

The goal of the HV project is to establish Aberdare Cables as a competent South African high voltage cable manufacturer and solutions provider.

To this end we will:

  • Manufacture HV cables and supply HV accessories.
  • Commission and maintain HV cables (old and new).
  • Install HV cable and all accessories.
  • Be accepted as a leading expert on HV systems (design of the system, providing add-ons such as DTS, etc).

As a cable manufacturer for over 73 years, we know that quality and reliability of cable systems and risk mitigation are of primary importance to our customers. For this reason, Aberdare's plan is to enter the HV market in carefully considered steps, so as to uphold these principles. Cable offerings will therefore be introduced as given below, together with trusted industry partners.

The following datasheets are provided as examples of our initial offering at 132 kV. Please contact us for data on other voltage levels.

High Voltage Cables

Copper and Aluminium Cable 44 - 132kV